Do you want to include more plant-based meals in your menus?  Do you think it is just too hard?  Or no one will want to eat the plant-based dishes?  I am here to tell you that it is easier than you might think and that you can create meals that are not only tasty, but that will be enjoyable to even the most vegetable averse member of your family.

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Start with one meal a day.  Diet culture has taught us that we have to do all or nothing, but we don’t.  It might feel overwhelming to think about adding more plant based foods to your meals.  Summer is the perfect time to start experimenting because we have access to so many fresh foods with wonderful flavors.  Look at what is available and see what you can try.

Here  are three easy steps to add plant-based options to your daily routine:

  1.  Slice up some greens.  Adding a green salad is the easiest addition.   You can also steam or saute’ vegetables to add as a side dish.   Cut up some raw vegetables to snack on during the day or with a meal.  cropped-img_e419312.jpg
  2. Add a side of fresh fruit.   A side of fruit can be added to a meal or used as dessert.  Look for fresh fruits in season.  Fruit like watermelon and bananas can also be easily blended and frozen for a treat.
  3. Incorporate some beans.  Black beans, kidney beans, or chick peas are probably the easiest beans to begin incorporating into your diet.  They can be added to salads or soups, for example.  If you buy canned varieties, choose the low sodium variety and rinse them before adding them to any dishes.
  4. Try whole grains.  Whole wheat pasta,  quinoa,  brown rice, steel cut oats are all examples of whole grains that can be added.

There are a few ways you can begin.  Get creative and experiment with something new.   I’ll be adding more ideas here for adding plant based options to your meals so keep reading! IMG_5849



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