Millie Jackson is a passionate coach and teacher who values finding peace and joy in pursuing health over  being perfect and following rigid rules.  Her own practices continue to evolve as she learns what her body and spirit need. She has let go of the crazy restrictive diet culture and relies more on intuition in her eating and self-care practices.  She believes that there is not one way that fits everyone and encourages clients to find the practices that fit their lives. As a coach she guides her clients by compassionate listening and asking deep questions to help them discover their own truths.  She is a knowledgeable writing teacher, yoga practitioner, speaker,  and workshop leader who offers a blend of modalities to help clients achieve their goals.




Millie is a seasoned educator.

M.A. in Health Education,  The University of Alabama

Ph.D. in English,  Michigan State University

Certified Health Education Specialist,  NCHEC. (75 + hours in continuing education, primarily in plant-based nutrition and cooking).

Professional Plant Based Certification, Culinary Rx, and Forks over Knives Online Cooking Course, Rouxbe

Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate,  T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, eCornell

Certified Professional Development Coach,  CaPP Institute

ServSafe Managers Certification.

Registered Yoga Teacher – Trained in alignment based yoga,  core strength vinyassa, restorative yoga and yin yoga.  Nearly 500 hours of training.

Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator.